Welcome to CILPA

The Cayman Islands Legal Practitioners Association (CILPA) is a company limited by guarantee established in October 2018 and the result of a merger between the Caymanian Bar Association (CBA) and the Cayman Islands Law Society (CILS), creating a single body to represent the entire legal profession in the Cayman Islands.


CILPA aims to provide modern and transparent governance of the profession to enable it to meet the challenges and responsibilities it faces.


CILS was a non-profit association formed in 1967 to support and protect the character, status and interests of the legal profession as a whole in the Cayman Islands. The CBA was first established in 1988, after senior Caymanian attorneys saw a need for an organisation to address issues of particular relevance to local attorneys and to represent the views of Caymanian attorneys working in the legal industry.


CILPA is the responsible legal professional body in the Cayman Islands. It seeks to progress and protect the objectives of both the CBA and the CILS. Its mission includes the education and training of Caymanians in the profession.


You can read the CILPA Memorandum and Articles of Association by clicking here.


CILPA President’s Message

“The future is bright for the legal industry in Cayman. This merger is a hugely positive step for our profession and we are looking forward to the growth and development of Cayman’s legal sector.” 

David Collins, Interim President-Elect of CILPA